High Level Rugby

Topsport at Rugby Club ’t Gooi


Rugby Club ’t Gooi is a (semi-) professional top club in the Netherlands. Our 1st senior XV represents our club in the premier division (Ere Klasse) and it is always our goals to compete for the title. Our 2nd XV plays in the first division and is used as a pool of talent, which produces talented future Dutch stars for our 1st XV.

’t Gooi is a family orientated club with a strong volunteering community. The family club environment combined with our strong talent development program sets ’t Gooi apart from other clubs in Holland, Rugby truly is a way of life here.

In recent years our 1st XV has consistently pushed for the tile in the top division, winning it twice. Until recently, our 2nd XV has fought a hard battle in the 1st division. Our second team truly has become a development squad for aspiring 1st XV players.

Unfortunately, rugby is still an amateur sport in the Netherlands. This means that our players and future talent invest a lot of their own time and money into representing our amazing club. Not only do they invest through the time they put in on the field, they invest in hours in gym, the cost of dietary requirements, in travelling to and from the club and of course relaxing during down time after rugby. Rugby Club ’t Gooi tries to help its players where we can through housing, transport and internship- or career possibilities.

If there are players in the Netherlands who are good enough and ambitious enough to make the step to the next level, ‘t Gooi will gladly welcome them with open arms. Our club wants to be the first choice for players wishing to take their game to the next level, in the Netherlands; by offering knowledgeable professional coaches, medical staff and the previously mentioned living and transport arrangements.

Rugby Club ’t Gooi is a club devoted to achieving great things and we wish to inspire great performances and deliver results on and off the field.

If you’re interested in joining our ambitious club, please send an e-mail to topsport or come by for a chat.